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Dear Friends,

we are a double bit axe thrower club in the south of Germany, near by Swizerland and France. A special by us is that we are not all on the same place organized. As member of the german double bit axe thrower organization we have some contacts. Members of our club throwed partly since 2007 and were at some national and internaltional competitions. In our club we have the first world champion 2017 of women and also different german and south german champions of the past.

It is our pleasure to welcome you at our training places if you will be in our region. At the moment (2020) we are 9 throwers and some other people in our club. We are amateurs, have also a job and therefore we have to limit our participation in tournaments.

Since 2020 we have also a teenager in our club and we can still need more reinforcement on our places.



If you need information send us a E-mail please

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